About Me 
I haven't been everywhere. But it's on my list. 

I've always been a big city girl from Bombay, India until I fell in love with a boy and his small city of Antwerp in Belgium. After a whirlwind romance that started in London, we recently got married and I moved to Europe.


Making the most of living in this beautiful continent, I’ve seized every opportunity to explore its scenic countrysides and vibrant cities. The thing about traveling is that it’s addictive. The more you travel, the more you have the urge of traveling. And having had constantly traveled over the last few years, you can guess how and why I came to start this blog.


I have always been encouraged by my mother to experiment with and appreciate new experiences for as long as I can remember. Besides going on long family vacations that have exposed me to diverse cultures, I also went off to numerous camps (riding, skiing, etc.) that always left me feeling more wholesome. The fire to wander sparked within me at a very young age. Over the years, I have moved to Ann Arbor, London, Chicago and back to London for undergrad, postgrad college and work. I moved to Antwerp almost two years ago and I am currently set base between Antwerp, Dubai and Mumbai.


By now, the entire atlas seems like home. I have officially been bitten by the travel bug and can now no longer be in one place too long. I've developed this urge to constantly travel; this desire to see visit countless cities, admire different landscapes, taste numerous cuisines, meet diverse people, understand different cultures and experience multiple activities.

I have a Bachelors in Finance and Masters in International Management and am fluent in four languages. I’ve also had a keen interest in art, design, and fashion and studied courses on jewelry designing, modern art (paintings) and fashion illustration alongside my college degrees. By nature, I am outgoing, talkative, a little nerdy, sometimes sarcastic - most times lame, easily hangry and quite the control freak with OCD for organizing and planning. Things I love include pastries, stationery, modern art paintings and museums, puppies, sunsets and beaches, maths and science, flying planes, jewelry and she, horse-riding, dancing, photography and of course traveling!


I believe that traveling awakens the soul. And with all my travels, I truly feel like I have grown as a person, broadened my perspective and expanded my skill set and found new interests. I hope to share my travel escapades to inspire you to live a life you love, to follow your dreams, and to travel the world.​

About the Blog

Atlas Traversed offers custom-made itineraries and recommendations that enhance your travels with unique experiences. 

The aim is to travel to the most unique places and unravel the most extraordinary experiences so that I can bring you the most authentic, genuine and personalized recommendations. The aim is to create a one-stop spot for recommendations on hotels, restaurants, spas, airlines, activities and all things travel related.   

Spring Forest

Through my captivating pictures and interesting posts that tell a beautiful story, I hope to make rare & exotic destinations both appealing and accessible. I believe that different people enjoy different things, which is why I plan to try and test diverse experiences so that I can bring you the option that best suits you! I truly aspire to offer an experience rather than just an itinerary.