Popular Destinations


The world's largest nation offers historic cities, magnificent monuments, rich culture, natural beauty and a buzzing nightlife!


Eastern Europe

A different view of Europe filled with cobbled streets, small towns, authentic food, beautiful landscapes and diverse cultures. Consider actively backpacking or luxuriously relaxing through these unique destinations.


New Zealand

Adventure, activities and action! A great destination for family holidays & ideal for summer or winter vacations and honeymoons.  


Kangaroos & koala bears! The Great Ocean Road & the Great Barrier Reef! Theme parks, beautiful coastlines, nature trails and hustling cities make for a great vacation spot for couples, families, friends and solo travelers! 

They say, “the world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.” So pick a place, go out there, explore, read that book, and add an exciting chapter or two to your story!


But every so often, with exhilarating travel comes strainful planning. And the first question invariably is where? Where should we go? Should we spend our long weekend on a big city break or our summer lazing under the Mediterranean sun or should we go on an action-packed Easter vacation or an authentic Christmas holiday in the Arctic? So many many options. So little time.


While deciding between options, we depend consciously and subconsciously on factors like the number of vacation days, the time of the year, weather, distance from home, flight connections/hours, things to do, people we are going with and of course the estimated cost of the trip. Irrespective of all the when, what, how, or who, I believe there’s always a where! So check out these popular destinations that I believe perfectly juxtapose something exciting and different with something accessible and convenient!  ​


Where east meets west: Witness the collision of two worlds, cultures, cuisines. Explore the rich heritage, shop at the local markets, relax at the luxurious beach resorts, travel through the picturesque coastline or breathtaking desert and enjoy the traditional delicacies and vibrant nightlife.  



Probably what heaven looks like: bright blue skies, crystal clear waters, soft white sands and white and blue architecture. Watch the most beautiful sunsets, shop till midnight or party from brunch as you enjoy that island life!


Japan has it all! It is the land of mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful cherry blossom trees, a symbol of urban technological progress, unparalleled and fascinating traditions and art. And of course, food for the soul- sushi!

Amalfi Coast 

Live inside a painting! The beautiful coastline, sparkling blue sea against mountain slopes and terraced vineyards, vividly painted towns and the charming cafes make this World Heritage Site the ideal summer destination.


Natural beauty of mountains, lakes and forests, exciting outdoor activities, forward-thinking restaurants, romantic views, pop culture celebs and a whole lot more! 


A destination for the intrepid traveler! Explore the archeological site of the Lost City of Petra, discover the Dead Sea and enjoy the exotic Mediterranean cuisine.


A destination for every season! Explore a diverse topography from high waterfalls and rock beaches to blue lagoons and glacier icebergs to volcanoes and the famous northern lights.

An unparalleled holiday experience! 


 Experience the perfect white Christmas as you visit the Santa Claus village, stay in an igloo, explore an ice castle or ride on reindeers and husky sleds beyond the Arctic Circle.



As you walk down Portugal's bumpy cobbled streets, through its charming old towns, along its historic trams, you can't help but feel like you are part of a romantic black and white film! Portugal houses some of the most unmissable UNESCO heritage attractions, exquisite coastlines and delicious cuisine and the world famous, Porto wine!



Philippines, known for its uncountable number of small uninhabited islands, is paradise for any beach lover! From turquoise blue seas to dazzling white beaches, from whale watching to encountering diverse fauna and flora, mingling with the hospitable locals, meeting the breathtaking underwater life and climbing the world's smallest volcano, this destination has the most blissful beauty. 


From observing migrations and sunrise safaris to living in treetops, exploring the indigenous cultures and enjoying the dazzling beaches and vast spice plantations of Zanzibar, Tanzania is a country filled with a myriad of activity options. 



Get a taste of the Croatian paradise! Turquoise lakes and waterfalls, isolated private beaches, ancient ruins, well-preserved small towns and a dynamic party scene.  

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By Travel Consultant  & Curator: Himadri Karani Mehta
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