Solivagant: The Solo Wanderlust

The thought of leaving a monotonous routine behind to explore a fascinating unknown city is an exciting one. This thought soon goes from excited to strained, when you think about the expenses and planning associated with travel.

Being broke is a good excuse to not travel, but if you are that passionate about traveling then you will always find a way. Moreover, holidays often require some amount of strenuous planning. Getting all your friends together to go an outing is hard enough let alone a trip that lasts for a few days! In situations like these, the best solution is to travel on your own. The thought can be scary at first but the more you think about solo travel, the more you get drawn to it.

When you travel alone, you can plan the entire trip the way you like. This means you can go to that museum that your friends would have found boring or you could spend hours photographing that scenic landscape without feeling guilty about making your companion wait.

Not many people like being alone by themselves for that long, but traveling solo can really make you unafraid of your own company. Solo travelers are tend to be more approachable, so you may end up making plenty of new friends on your lone adventures.

You can immerse yourself in the new city and culture without any distractions. This is an opportunity to explore the city to a greater extent and in the direction that pleases you, to grow from within and to learn to be independent and aware of yourself. You make an array of memories that are shared only by you. The experiences you have are personal and in a way more authentic. You have nobody to please but yourself.

The lone wanderer albeit has to limit themselves in certain situations for their own safety. Limitations like not being able to walk at night or get really drunk so as to protect themselves. But these limitations are irrelevant when you consider the perks of traveling on your own.

So pack a bag and get ready to go anywhere that you want and do anything that makes you happy. You can go to a place where nobody knows you and be truly and completely yourself. So go on and fly away to a place where you can be anyone you want to be...

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