Travel Journaling 101

Travel Journal

So, you're going on holiday, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already planned things to do, places to see and where to eat! Maybe you're going to an exotic island, and are looking forward to quiet afternoons as you sip fresh coconut water and sunbathe on the beach with your family. Or maybe the hills are calling your name, and you can already hear the wind rattle the trees as you take a stroll down the wooded roads with the love of your life. Or maybe you are heading to your favorite city and you’re just excited to revisit familiar places and meet old friends! However long or short, hectic or relaxing, your trip is undeniably special and irrevocably yours. Your holiday can and should be most importantly personal… because this is your time and no one can take this time away from you.

But, how great would it be, if after your holiday, you could keep revisiting the memories you made and flip through them like pages in a diary? In fact, why not press these experiences between pages for you to fondly remember and look back at?

The idea of maintaining a journal or diary sounds tedious. But the good thing about travel journaling is that it is a short-term and doesn’t require time, commitment or additional ‘work’. In fact, it can make your trip more fun and interesting!

To begin with, you’d need a relatively small, fresh journal/diary… one with inspirational quotes or sassy remarks on random pages or cute stickers or a plain leather bound cover. I suggest these diaries in particular because they add a bit of fun and flare, and are travel-friendly and easy to carry. However, any diary of your choice can be used. It could even be a scrapbook, a notebook or a spiral journal.

Now the next and only thing left to do then is to start journaling! collect. Besides getting a chance to express yourself creatively, travel journaling is such a singular experience. There are not set rules and you can get creative with how you go about it! I enjoy little souvenirs from my journey, which I then add along with pictures, personal remarks, quotes and time stamps. For instance, you could add ticket stubs from your flights or trains, bills from movies, restaurants and bars, leaves and flower petals from memorable walks, tickets for museums, adventure sports and other activities, bookmarks etc. You could also include photographs and polaroid pictures. You could of course also write short stories or excerpts about particular incidents, places, activities or even just pen down your ‘in the moment’ thoughts and feelings towards a specific experience on the trip! Add musings, quotes from movies and books or lyrics of songs you may be listening to, specific encounters and anything else you feel like. Like I said, there are no limits…

In order to create a reliable timeline for reminiscing, make sure you add the correct date and time to each record that you put in. And be sure to keep enough space to make little doodles or add tiny remarks, if you think of anything after the trip ends!

There you have it: a journal full of memories that you can flip through and revisit any time!

But remember, what is most important is to have fun and savor the experience while collecting souvenirs or putting your journal together. After all, they do say that the journey is more important than the destination, and that is how it should be with your travel journal as well.

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