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Budapest, Hungary

If there's one city in Europe that sums up the best of both the worlds, the crossroad where the past and present meet so beautifully that it is almost a sin to stare at, it undoubtedly Budapest. The city is divided into two parts by the Danube River. Buda showcases the ancient burials, architectures and other monuments frozen in time, while Pest, on the other side, reflects the urban tastes of its population with quaint little cafes and bookstores, luxurious apartments and high end technology. Of course, all of this does not take away the old-world charm the city seems to ooze everywhere.

Danube Cruise

Goethe once said, "Architecture is frozen music" and he couldn't have been more right when it comes to this city! Looking at the Fisherman's Bastion, Holy Trinity Column, Chain Bridge, St. Stephen's Basilica or even the Parliament, it is evident that this city does not disappoint. Besides monuments, there are countless museums, gardens and even the buildings that you could simply stare at for hours. There are a numerous walking, cycling or segway tours and cruises by the day and night organized to experience all the city has to offer. The night cruises offer an undeniably beautiful vision of the city and city lights.

Luxurious accommodation options include New York Palace, Corinthia Hotel, Ritz Carlton and more. Furnished and stocked apartment complexes are also pretty popular. Any vibrant city is known for two major things: its food and its people. The former is covered with exquisite local restaurants that serve authentic and one-of-a-kind such as La Perle Noire, Baraka, Hachapuri, Babel Budapest Hotel and Hauer Confectionery. There are also Buddha Bar, Costes and other more recognized restaurants that serve international cuisines. And the world’s most beautiful cafe, New York Cafe, is definitely a delight for both your eyes and your palate - and a must visit!

The city is known for its impressive, historic spa treatments and baths. Szechenyi Baths, Europe’s largest bathing complex, consists of medicinal baths, thermal hot and cold pools and even offers fish pedicures!

Thermal Baths

For fans of wine, Faust Wine Cellar serves some of the richest Hungarian wine in the country. Overall, nightlife is buzzing, from urban nightclubs and rooftop bars to rustic ruin bars. The city's grandeur seeps to its underground caves, where you can head for an adventure activity of sorts and it would be amiss to not mention!

If you haven't been, I hope this post makes you Hungary to visit... and if you have, share your best memory or favorite experience of this dynamic place with me in the comments below!

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