Vegan for the Win (New York)

The ultimate vegan/vegetarian food gallery and microblog, Where to Eat Veg, shares some amazing vegan restaurants in New York! This Mumbaikar turned New Yorker keeps it real and covers options for all prices points!


1. Desi Galli

Multiple locations

The Kati Roll Company is old news after you have eaten here. Desi Galli offers a variety of vegan Indian wraps including 7-vegetable and chanaa masala. If you have built up an appetite, two of these kati rolls will leave you satisfied. And, if you have the stomach for green chilies, go ahead and tell them to make it spicy!

2. By Chloe

Multiple locations

Here you will find an entirely plant-based menu consisting of locally sourced ingredients. The food here is fresh, colorful and 100% Instagram-able. The guac-burger and air baked sweet potato fries (what!) are a crowd pleaser, but I personally feel everything on the menu is worth trying!

Vegetable Tagine, By Chloe

Photo Credit: By Chloe Blog

3. Bareburger

Multiple locations

At Bareburger you can find the infamous Beyond Burger, the world’s first plant-based burger that looks, tastes and in fact “bleeds” like a beef burger. If you are not that experimental, Bareburger has a bunch of other vegan options to choose from. I highly recommend complementing your meal with one of their delicious vegan milkshakes!

4. Beyond Sushi

Multiple locations

Best sushi I have ever eaten! Enough said?

Summer Special Sushi

Photo Credit: Beyond Sushi


1. Double Zero

A vegan Italian restaurant with a focus on pizza. Their truffle cashew cream pizza is to die for! Their artisanal cheese plate along with their extensive wine collection, makes Double Zero the perfect spot for a wine and cheese night. P.S: They have communal seating.

2. Delice & Sarrasin

As a vegan, French food was always out of question, until Delice and Sarrasin opened its doors. A one of a kind restaurant serving traditional French dishes like foie gras, beef bourguignon and galettes, all completely veganized!

3. Hangawi

If you are craving yummy Asian food, look no further than Hangawi. They have a lengthy and completely veg menu and if that is not enough, the ambience is icing on the cake. Picture traditional low tables, no shoe policy, Korean décor and meditative music.

Hangawi Veg Menu

Photo Credit: Hangawi Restaurant

4. abcV

abcV is a predominantly vegan restaurant that celebrates seasonal vegetables like no other. With no specific cuisine, this place delivers everything from a perfectly crisp and golden dosa to hummus made out of green chickpeas. The restaurant’s interiors are bright, white and chic, and share a wall with sister restaurants – ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina.


1. Ladybird

Ladybird is a small tapas restaurant. It is a vegetable bar, a futuristic vegan spot. They have a menu full of seasonal vegetables served in the most charismatic way. The stand out item on their menu is most definitely their fondue – you can pick from chardonnay & artichoke, mushroom & onion and charred ramp. Tip – They offer a late night menu with select wine bottles at half price. You’re welcome!

Ladybird Miatake Buns

Photo Credit: LadyBird Restaurant

2. Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy doesn't have an à la carte menu at dinner but instead offers two tasting menus - The Vegetable Patch ($61, five courses) and The Vegetable Garden ($93, nine to ten courses). The service here is incredible and you will leave with a memorable experience.

3. Kajitsu

Kajitsu is a multi-course prix fixe menu only restaurant serving upscale shojin cuisine – a type of Japanese vegetarian cooking that originates in Buddhism. This is definitely not your average dinner place.

Kajitsu, Japanese Shojin Cuisine

Photo Credit: Kajitsu Restaurant

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