France, the fashion capital of the world, is prominently known for its haute couture and street style. French style is a somewhat oxymoron, filled with intricacy and delicacy as well as bold statements and remarkable designs... and Paris is the quintessential home to such style... So trust me, you're not alone if you picture yourself shopping through Saint Honoré or people watching at Café de Flore, dressed like a Parisian (in styles you aren’t sure if you can even pull off!) But when in France, dress like the French, eh?


Paris has a plethora of styles, designers, boutiques and all things fashion. While there’s always the exquisite Chanel on Rue Cambon and Louis Vuitton on Champs-Élysées, there are some less commonly known luxury boutiques, worth a look!

Here are four luxury boutiques to check out, the next time you’re in the French city of love!

1. Fauré Le Page

21 Rue Cambon

75001 Paris


Fauré Le Page is a brand that began its journey back in 1717, as a gunsmith to Royal families but got into the business of making bags and accessories only fairly recently. The brands products can only be bought exclusively in its stores in Paris or Tokyo, Japan. The store has a great aesthetic, and the collection is classy and unique. The boutique specializes in women’s bags and men’s wallets. The in-store customer service is notably admirable, and even online purchases run incredibly smoothly. Fauré Le Page has made some iconic products, like the Daily Battle tote bag, and the Calibre 27 handbag. So be on the lookout for these lovely products!

Fauré Le Page

Photo Credit: Fauré Le Page

2. Comme des Garçons

54 Fbg St Honoré

75008 Paris


Comme des Garcons, a Japanese label, popularized by many celebrities, like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, has a successful boutique in Paris. The brand showcases its collection mainly during the Paris Fashion Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Originated in 1969, the brand recently been famed for its trendy and off-beat designs, using elements like distressed fabric and all black ensembles. CDG has been one of the most famous international brands all over the world since the 70s, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing. The boutique space is relaxed, and the quality and durability of the products is what has upheld the brandname through the years. CDG has quite deservedly made a name for itself in street style and luxury casual fashion, and a visit to this store is definitely worth it

3. L’Eclaireur

40 Rue de Sévigné,

75003 Paris


L’Eclaireur is an efficient and unique brand that has five stores around Paris, each specializing in diverse areas. But the one most talked about is the boutique mansion, that deals in men’s clothing. L’Eclaireur displays menswear, accessories, womenswear (evening gowns) and has a selection of perfumes. The boutiques also have a section that house exclusive collection of other well-known brands like Lanvin, Saint Laurent and Givenchy. It is a hidden treasure for anyone looking for new and upcoming brands/designers. Their designs are heavily influenced by surrealist and experimental elements and cater to all genders, age groups and style preferences.


Photo Credit: L’Eclaireur

4. Vanina Escoubet

1 Rue Henry Monnier

75009 Paris


Vanina Escoubet, designer and owner of this boutique creates women’s clothing and accessories. The boutique itself is a cozy little space with the designer’s own items on display. Her boutique is also her workshop and she is usually present at the store to guide customers and make the shopping experience feel personal. The jewelry selection is commendable, and the quality of the products is something patrons of the place trust. The clothes have a feminine take on vintage styles and are finished with careful detailing.

So there you have it- you're officially one step closer to looking like a Parisian. Who knows, they might even mistake you for one!

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