Five Things To Do Before a Flight

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Are you a last minute type of traveller? Or maybe you are the over-planning type of traveller? ...

Avoid being on either end of the spectrum, with my no fuss list of 5 easy but effective things to do before leaving for a flight!

1. Choose my Travel Clothes. Choose your travel outfit based on comfort, flight length and destination. I tend to feel cold on flights, so I dress in layers like a jacket I can remove or a shawl/scarf I can wrap. Choose clothes that you can relax in on the flight. Pick baggy clothes for that long flight so you easily can stretch your legs! Avoid belts, jewelry and accessories that can be irritating (to remove/re-wear) during security.

If you’re landing into another climate, carry an outfit change or I usually dress in layers so I can modify my outfit accordingly. Strip into to your tank top, change into sandals for a beach destination or add a sweater/coat over your t-shirt for the snow.

Oh, and if I’m on a long flight or traveling for a long duration, I pack a carry-on that with some essentials (few pairs of clothes, underwear, shoes, money), so that in case my check-in luggage doesn’t arrive with me I am not totally stranded till it does.

2. Pack a Sanitizer and Medicine Kit. Pack a small travel kit in your handbag that includes hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissues, small toothpaste-toothbrush, perfume, sunscreen, hair brush and mint. You never know when you may spill something and that tissue pack can come handy or how fresh those facial wet wipes can make you feel minutes before landing. Don’t forget to pack any medicines you have daily or usually require while traveling (like headaches/allergies/travel sickness).

3. Pack Snacks. Carry a small simple snack (sandwich, chips, nuts, chocolates), no matter how short your flight is in case you get hungry and either there’s no in flight food service or you don’t like the flight food! Avoid smelly foods. (Remember you’re in a airtight cabin) Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables. (Some airlines may not allow them on board!)

4. Check Important Documents. I check that I have packed my passport, hotel and flight bookings and any other important documents as well as at least one photocopy of these documents. I also make sure my wallet to has my driving license, identity card, credit/debit cards and at least some cash (both local and foreign currency).

PS- Don’t forget to check you’ve packed your phone charger and adapter! Read my entire list for carry-on must haves here.

5. Drink Water. Make sure to you drink ample water before a flight, the plane air conditioner and the pressure level can immensely dehydrate your body.

These 5 things I do before every flight have saved me a lot of time (especially those 5 extra minutes of morning sleep or that chance to pick up a snack/coffee for the flight or for some much needed duty free shopping!)... So try them! and don't forget to tell me if they work for you too!

You can check out some more of my travel tips here! And follow me on Pinterest for some more travel hacks!

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