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Road Trip

Haven’t we all imagined being in a car, driving with our friends, windows down and volume up as the wind kneads out the worries we’re carrying around in our heads by playing with our hair? I know, I have. Well, it’s never too late to gather your best pals/loved ones, bring out a map and some markers, and take the perfect road trip! (especially cause it can be so spontaneously last minute with minimal pre-planning.)

But of course, the mind wanders – why a road trip? Well, to begin with, a road trip is more than about the journey than the destination. It is one of the purest and arguably most fun ways of travel, mainly cause it involves the maximum involvement in the process. You plan, you execute and then you get to turn it all around and change it all the way if that’s where your heart leads you – you can do it all the way you want.

So, here are four reasons why I think a road trip is totally worth the time it takes to plan it, and why everyone should take one at least once in their lives:

1. Self Exploration

It may not seem like it while you’re on your way to your long-awaited destination, but a road trip can enlighten you in ways that you don’t even expect. You discover things you’re good at - whether it’s management of time, resources and finances, strategizing and planning, or even just being the most badass car DJ of all time! And the best part about this fun learning experience is trial and error like picking where to stop for the night, or choosing a place that serves the best/most affordable food. Traveling in such a wholesome manner leads to unraveling new things about yourself, gaining new interests and boosting your confidence in your abilities.

2. Time to Bond

A road trip can give you the much needed time with your friends, family and loved ones. With school, work, and the general responsibilities of everyday life, it gets difficult to take time off to share memorable experiences with those close to us. Being on the road with them, at your own time and pace, gives you a chance to reconnect. This is an experience that can bring you closer, as you revisit old memories and make some new ones, over meals, conversations, and even some games you may play along the way. It gives you a chance to be more involved in the lives of those who are close to you, and for them to know more about yours.

3. Getting Away

We all need a break, a getaway, from our busy routines and hectic lives. Change helps you relax and frees you of your worries, at least for a while. A road trip is definitely a fun and innovative way to bring about some change and surround yourself with new air, new experiences and something different to look forward. There’s something about driving across a wide, endless road that throws you back to reflect on the simple things of life. There’s something about driving to an unknown destination with cool breezes, good music and scenic views along the way that can clear your mind, and bring you a sense of satisfaction that you haven’t felt in a long time. The happiness is unrivaled.

4. Openness to Experience

Road tripping is an experience that guarantees 100% involvement. It includes the possibility of meeting interesting people along the way, of learning navigation or how to travel on a budget and most importantly, of experiencing new places you travel through. You get a chance to embrace the place through its culture, food, festivals, specialties, markets, and of course its people. You learn to live in the moment, to seize every opportunity that comes your way, making road travel a very fulfilling experience.

So what’s the holdup? Your trip awaits you! Grab your loved ones, let Google Maps be your guiding light as get ready to embark on a journey that you will always remember with fondness and joy!

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