Carry-On Must-Haves for Every Flight!

While I absolutely love to travel to new places and meet new people, I also dread the long exhausting flights. So I’ve come up with a few must-haves to pack in my carry-on to survive these flights!

Carry-On for Every Flight


Tablet/Laptop: Traveling with your tablet or laptop, lets you work on the go. Being less ‘connected’, I am also less distracted and end up getting some quality work done. You can always watch downloaded movies on your iPad, especially when flights that don’t have any in-flight entertainment.

Phone: This seems pretty obvious! Plus some airlines have in-flight wi-fi (like Emirates)!

Charger/Power Bank: You don’t want your phone to be dead when you finally get network when you land! Carrying your charger (or a portable power bank) lets you charge your electronics on the flight’s USB port or at the airport’s plug-points.

Headphones: Invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones, they are a game-changer. They help block out noises of crying babies and constant flight announcements. You can use them on the flight and especially during a long layovers. They, of course, have great sound quality! You can shop Bose's noise-cancelling headphones here.


Scarf/Shawl: Planes can get extremely cold. Carrying a shawl or warm scarf can keep you warm on the flight. You can always pair it up with other outfits during the rest of your trip too!

Socks: Like I said, planes can be cold! Carrying a pair of socks or just wearing shoes with socks can keep you warm and comfortable on the flight.

Extra Outfit: A fresh pair of clothes is essential if you plan to go out straight out from the airport. Changing into a fresh outfit makes you feel fresher too!


Cream and Lip Balm: Flight air makes your skin dry. Carry travel-sized moisturizer for your face and hand to keep your skin hydrated and balm to avoid chapped lips.

Hairbrush & Make-up: Carrying a mini make-up kit can be great if you plan to go out directly from the airport. I tend to look like a mess after a long flight so I keep a hairbrush, compact powder and a brow to make me look like a real person again!

Face Wet Wipes: So handy to keep your face fresh and your hands clean! The L'Oreal wipes are great to remove make-up as well!

Toothpaste & Toothbrush: To avoid morning breath and to feel awake and like a real person!


Book: A good read is great entertainment and flights are a great time to catch up on some reading.

Journal & Pens: With plenty of time to kill, this is super useful to make notes for work, write about your trip, plan your schedule and anything else. Always keep a pen for any airport/immigration forms you may need to fill. This daily planner is my life-saver!

Granola/Chocolate Bar/Dry Fruits: Carry a small snack- granola bar/dry fruits or even chocolates. In-flight meals are served at weird times and are often not nice in taste, so having a snack keeps you from staying hungry.

Neck/Hand Pillow & Eye Mask: These are essential for overnight/long flights. The neck pillow helps to avoid any stiff necks and backs. A hand pillow helps if you are used to sleeping on the support of your hand to avoid cramps. A sleep mask will block out light if you need to get some quality sleep! Get this amazing neck pillow and eye mask combo I use from amazon!

So these are my must-haves that I pack in my carry-on to fly comfortably. Plus, if anything happens to my check-in bag, I at least have these essentials till I get my bag!

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