Portugal: Why it is a Must!

I was so pleasantly surprised when visited Lisbon and its surroundings, a few years ago. While I had always heard amazing things about Portugal- the views I saw, activities I tried and people I met truly surpassed my expectations.

My friend and fellow travel blogger, Rusha had a similarly amazing experience that inspired her to tell anyone who hasn't visited Portugal, why it is a must!

Portugal is a Must:

I have always heard about the good reputation that Portugal carries. They mention the beaches, the views, the food and the people. This country is seriously a quadruple threat! Let’s look into why.

Surf Camps Galore:

Portugal is known for it’s surfing, it’s extravagant and calm beaches that make easy for beginners. I had learnt surfing in New Zealand when I was younger, although as I grew older, I had never picked it back up again. One of the most common activity that my partner would yarn to me every day about why we should go to Portugal, was the Surf camps.

Being surrounded by other chilled and cool travelers, learning how to surf all over again. The surf there is almost always gentle (also depending on which beaches you go to) and it’s really easy to catch even the smallest of waves. Plus, there hasn’t been a deadly shark attack there since years.

West Coast Portugal

Beaches and the West Coast

As I have mentioned above, the beaches are also to die for! These are some of the most beautiful beaches out. Ones where they are completely flat and calm, they have coves and cave like beaches around the Algarve coast, hidden gems when you swim out and about and just glistening waves that you can catch for the perfect ride!

The Friendly People

Portuguese are some of the friendliest people there are. They have such a relaxed and chilled aura about them that makes you feel very warm welcomed and drawn into their groups. They love their hipster cultures and laid-back environments; I couldn’t say a bad word about them.

Portugal is also a big hot spot for tourism. When you arrive, you are flooded with tourists flocking the streets (depending on what season you go in). You will also meet a lot of new people from all over the world, engaging in the same activities as you! Heck! you could even catch a ride with them and keep them company. The vibe from Portugal just completely catches onto everyone as soon as they step foot into the country.

Food Heaven

I’m a big seafood eater so when I visited Portugal I literally was dying to eat as much seafood as possible. There are small restaurants all around Portugal that do buffets of seafood and other kinds of food that can be really cheap! The food there is extremely fresh, and you will never catch them off their guard with their food. They have lots other food options from different cuisines to vegan and vegetarian-friendly that are tasty yet cheap for travelers who are on a tight budget!

Portugal Beaches


When you visit a country, you generally will always find something in that country that will be so expensive. In Portugal, everything is completely within reach. The accommodation is cheap, the food is cheap, the transport, the alcohol, literally everything is cheap. You can go there with a few bucks and still manage to find your way, still manage to rack up cool activities to do and have a rocking time while you’re at it. The place is riddled with magnificent natural things to expect and is such a good spot to go on a chilled vacation with your loved ones.

Guest Blogger: Rusha Paenga is a Travel & More Blogger from New Zealand.

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