7 Uber Useful Travel Apps for the International Travel

Travelers today, are relying on their smart phones more than ever before. There are so many travel apps available that can make traveling easier and better. But not all apps are actually relevant/required.

Travel Must-Have Apps

So I've listed here 7 travel must-have apps that you will actually use!

1. Splitwise-

This is a great app while traveling in groups or with friends. The app tracks borrowing and lending over time and splits costs amongst multiple people in any proportion you want. You can create various groups amongst friends to add varies accounts and bills. The app calculates who owes whom how much! You can see your shared expenses and how much you owe/are owed. Balances go up or down depending on costs until they are finally settled up.

Splitwise comes handy while making travel bookings. For instance, one person books the hotels and another the flights and they just 'splitwise' it to the other travelers. It makes paying bills at restaurants and clubs or splitting odd cab amounts much easier!

2. PackPoint-

This is a smart packing checklist to make sure you don't forget anything! This is a rather straightforward and easy-to-use app, where you fill in all the information about yourself and your trip and then the app automatically creates a packing list based on the information you filled (like destination, weather, days of travel, travel companions, activities, preferences etc.).

PackPoint is a really neat app for all sorts of travelers. It prevents the last-minute packer from forgetting something. And it assists the hyper over-organized packer, keeping them from making extensive excel sheets.

You can share your packing list with fellow travelers. With the premium version, you can access custom templates and sync your packing list with other travel apps like TripIt and EverNote.

Looking for packing check list? Here's our complete carry-on checklist!

3. TripIt-

This is a one stop app to keep track of all your hotel and flight bookings. You can simply forward all your confirmation emails and TripIt will generate a simple itinerary of your travel for you. You can allow the app to access your inbox and calendar to sync your travel plans from you inbox into your calendar.

TripIt essentially acts like your personal travel agent! It organizes all your travel bookings and documents so you can easily access everything you need from confirmations, flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals and other reservations.

The premium version even tracks and sends real-time flight alerts, sends terminal and gate reminders, speeds you through security and even shows baggage claim info!

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4. Lounge Buddy-

This is such a convenient app to overcome long layovers. Lounge Buddy offers access to over 150 lounges worldwide on a pay-by-use basis. You don't need to pay for annual memberships or other unnecessary fees. Its effortless- you just find the lounge you'd like to access and book!

5. Around Me-

This is a solid app that locates where you are and shows you everything you could possible need around you-the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, movie theater, restaurant, supermarket, theatre and taxi.

Around Me becomes crucial when you're urgently looking for an ATM at midnight but is also functional when you're simply looking for a near by theatre to catch a good film!

6. Globe Tipping-

This is super neat app advises you on how to tip properly depending on your situation in over 200 countries. It also offers a easy tipping calculator to understand how tipping in a particular country works.

The app shows how much to tip in restaurants, hotels, bars, taxis and more. Globe Tipping excludes tax while calculating tip and helps divide the tip, based on the bill, between members of a party.

7. VPN Proxy Master-

This is a really important app to have while traveling internationally. Often, when you connect to an unsecured public wifi networks, especially to make purchases, it leaves all your information (such as credit card details) vulnerable and easy to steal.

Moreover, the app lets you watch Netflix on your phone in countries that don't support it! And lets you use common apps like WhatsApp and Skype in countries, like China, that don't allow it.

Travel Apps

ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE APPS for every modern day traveler that are TOO Obvious to include in this list above:

  • WhatsApp- To Stay in Touch

  • XE- To Convert Currency

  • Uber/Lyft/Ola- To Get Around

  • Google Maps- To Find Your Way

  • Google Translate- To Make New Friends

What you waiting for? Download these über useful apps now!

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