Hidden Gems Across the World

Can't decide where to travel next? Check out our list of the most underrated places across the world that are definitely worth visiting!

1. Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds paint the perfect picture of a quiet charming old English town. From cycling through its country-side green hills to roaming its cobbled streets, or village hopping across its beautiful towns to boutique shopping for antiques, or just enjoying a pint in toasty pub - the Cotswolds is a lovely destination for anyone looking for a relaxed cozy vacation.

cotswolds countryside

2. Macedonia

This fascinating tiny country is a medley of cultures and cuisines. The city's skyline is dotted with Christian Churches and Muslin Mosques while the outskirts are dotted with rolling mountains and sparkling still lakes. Macedonia offers an array of adventure activities like kayaking, hiking, rock climbing or exploring a national park or a cave!

3. Albania

The Mediterranean country of Albania, was under communist control until 1991, and till date remains "uncommercialised". Definitely worth the trip for its glamorous snowy mountains and gorgeous sandy beaches!

Albania Beaches

4. Tallinn, Estonia

This East European City looks, feels, and is in every way a medieval town from a fairytale book. Stroll through its old town and explore the cathedral or go up one of its maybe towers to enjoy beautiful views of the city's landscape. Walk around taking in the medieval charm of its pretty houses, cozy cafes and guitar buskers around street corners. You can even climb a portion of Tallinn’s wall!

5. Alberta, Canada

While it is known for the famous Canadian Rockies, Alberta offers so much more - with its perfect mix city and natural vibe. Calgary, at the foot of the Rockies, is a great example of Canada's art and culture. Visit the Glenbow Museum or the local Farmers' Market or one of its hip cocktail bars.

The unparalleled beauty of Canada's wilderness can be seen at the two of the world's oldest National Parks- Jasper and Banff. Home to many parklands, national parks and glittering lakes that are beautifully set against the snow-capped mountains, Alberta is surely a treat to visit! Don't forget to try spotting a bison!

6. Uzbekistan

Quickly gaining popularity is Uzbekistan - an ancient Silk and Trade Road and a melting pot of exotic cultures!

Witness the rich (quite literally) history, and admire the intricately designed architecture and take in the Persian influence.


7. Santiago, Chile

Chile's capital, Santiago is exotic location to visit. From skiing on its beautiful Andes, to tasting some of the world's finest Chilean wines in one of its many valleys of vineyards to exploring its exotic cultural and watching the sunset from the tallest building of South America, Santiago presents its visitors with so much!

8. Puglia, Italy

Puglia, in southern Italy, offers everything true to Italian traditions and culture. Covered with flourishing olive groves and vineyards and a hub of the slow-food movement, Puglia offers gourmet food, first-class wines and top quality olive oils that can easily compete with Tuscany's best.


It has a breathtaking landscape with gorgeous coastlines, azure waters and luxurious homes. Check out some of the most beautiful beaches in Polignano a Mare, Torre Canne, and Gallipoli.

9. Koto, Montenegro

This UNESCO World Heritage Site status is set against faded grey mountains and deep blue waters. Kotor’s Old City, built from the 12th to 14th centuries, is a maze of winding streets connecting its squares The clock tower stands tall through its shorter brick roofed houses. Climb the vertical pathway to the hilltop fortress of Sveti Ivan (Saint John), 900 feet above sea level, for panoramic views of the city.

10. Valencia, Spain

The 3rd largest city of Spain is a filled with architecturally and culturally rich attractions - from Baroque facades, stone-craved fountains of Plaza del Ayuntamiento to the Gothic spires of the Silk Market and the Art Nouveau style at the Mercado Central. And if you yet aren't impressed from just roaming the streets, a trip to the City of Arts and Science is sure to leave any you amazed! But the biggest don't miss at this port is Paella- Valencia's unforgettable contribution to Spanish cuisine.

11. Faroe Islands, Denmark

These Danish archipelagoes, located between Norway and Iceland, are truly mystical. With a dynamic scenery that remains almost undisturbed since time of the Vikings, the no city in site for miles from the coast, are home to basalt cliffs, cliffside waterfalls and lush sceneries. With make the perfect getaway. The town's beautiful colorful houses fit perfectly with the island's natural beauty.

Faroe Islands

Hike, bike or horseback through the countryside and try to catch the northern lights. You can also try other adventure sports like cliff jumping and rappelling!

Wadi Rum Jordan

12. Wadi Rum, Jordan

The dramatic desert of Jordan is a must visit on every explorer's bucket list! Unravel Bedouin culture by trekking through the historic ruins of Wadi Rum. Stop at the seven rock column landmark and take a camel ride or a jeep tour and feel like you've been transported to Mars! End your day in a luxury camp with authentic local meal around a warm bonfire in the chilly desert.

13. Andaman Islands, India

Home to the only active volcano in India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer stretches of beautiful beaches, with activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports. These peaceful tropical islands are also home to a plethora of wildlife in both the wild and in nature reserves.

14. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is culturally diverse and scenically beautiful with its magnificent mountains, delicious cuisine, and gelada baboons. The Bale mountains and park are known for their abundant wildlife, glamorous landscapes, glacial lakes and volcanic ridges. Visit Omo Valley and learn about the rich traditions tribes there have maintained for centuries.

15. Mozambique

The underrated island nation of Mozambique is a paradise of relaxation.

Offering diverse activities like rainforest zip-lining, bungee jumping and rock climbing to fishing, swimming with dolphins, kite-surfing and paragliding, this island is a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered.


16. Laos

An ideal destination for backpackers, Laos offers a window into Southeast Asia without the hassle of crowds and commerialised spots. Explore the elephant sanctuaries, hidden waterfalls, dense forestlands and ancient Buddhist monasteries.

17. Patagonia, Argentina

Located at the southernmost tip of South America shared by Argentina and Chile, this bucket list destination stretches over 400,000 miles across both countries. Patagonia has a diverse landscape consisting of ice fields, grasslands, barren plains and untamed expanses and filled with unique wildlife that is as varied as its landscape.

If you visit the Argentine side of Patagonia, make sure to take a cruise to the Perito Moreno Glacier near El Calafate!


18. Myanmar

Only recently opening its borders to tourists, Myanmar is a tourist hotspot waiting to happen. Myanmar boasts of hundred of ancient temples, archaeological sites (Pagoda) and many isolated and unspoiled ruins. This haven of heritage also has some of very beautiful beaches!

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