AT Quiz: How Much of A Travel Addict Are You?

Do you love to travel? Do you think about traveling all the time? Are you addicted? Take our #AT Quiz and find how much of a travel addict you really are! You get 1 point for every statement you relate to. Here goes: 1. You start all your stories with “When I was in…” 2. You read travel guides/guidebooks for fun. 3. You plan trips you will never take. 4. You always ask people “Where are you from?” Sometimes, even when you know. 5. You wear flip flops in the shower. 6. You take toilet paper everywhere you go out of habit. 7. You have more than one currency in your wallet. 8. You often tend to speak in airport codes instead city names. 9. You have an elite flyer status on at least one airlines

Travel Roulette

Do you sometimes find yourself drowning in indecision and you can’t seem to make a choice. Ever so often, when faced with this situation, take a step back, take that much needed break and take a trip. But where to go? During times like these, try to leaving things in the clumsy hands of fate and try your luck at "Earth Roulette". It’s simple: all you need to do is click the button “Generate my next Destination” and it decides a random travel destination for you! So are you a risk-taker, a free spirit, a believer in destiny? Would you ever dare to try this? Let me know in the comments below :)

Hidden Gems Across the World

Can't decide where to travel next? Check out our list of the most underrated places across the world that are definitely worth visiting! 1. Cotswolds, England The Cotswolds paint the perfect picture of a quiet charming old English town. From cycling through its country-side green hills to roaming its cobbled streets, or village hopping across its beautiful towns to boutique shopping for antiques, or just enjoying a pint in toasty pub - the Cotswolds is a lovely destination for anyone looking for a relaxed cozy vacation. 2. Macedonia This fascinating tiny country is a medley of cultures and cuisines. The city's skyline is dotted with Christian Churches and Muslin Mosques while the outskirts a

A Girl's Weekend in Paris

Every girl needs her girls! And a weekend in Paris is the perfect place for some good ol' girl time. Paris is always a good idea! (Hotels and Areas) 1st Arrondissement often called "Louvre" is the center of the city. This upscale area, located on the right of Seine, is one of the oldest parts of the city and has been home to Paris' upper class. This area that includes the famous Palais Louvre and the well-known shopping street Rue de Rivoli is centrally located and a good option to get around to different parts of the city. Ideally situated in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, "Le Marais" is located close to boutique shops and gourmet patisseries. To its left, is the Louvre and the Tuilerie

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By Travel Consultant  & Curator: Himadri Karani Mehta
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